About Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation

Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation is a national organisation of Indonesia,
born in response to the crisis of the sea turtle population in the surrounding ocean.

We started with old baths to contain countless rescued sea turtles, and during our first hatching season we enabled the safe hatchings of nearly four hundred and fifty sea turtles and witnessed their journey into the ocean.

Now we have built our Sea Turtle Clinic on the beach at Sungai Pinang where we have large pools for rescued sick and injured sea turtles, and a secured nesting bed giving hatchlings direct access to the ocean.

Our vision is to lead with integrity and impact positively on the lives of everyone who comes into contact with Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation.

The Founding Members

Drawn together by the conviction that they could influence their community and safeguard the protection of sea turtles, the founding members of Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation – Ahmed, Andre, Del and Ricky – formed an alliance in the small village of Sungai Pinang in West Sumatra. They came together with a number of backgrounds including the eco–tourism and fishing industries, university studies, surfing and music. With very little in financial support, they created a sustainable rehabilitation and protection programme for sea turtles and further developed environment and education projects to impact positively on the lives of everyone in the village.

The Community

The village of Sungai Pinang in West Sumatra lies on a 5km coastline surrounded by beaches and islands important to all six of Indonesia’s sea turtle species, but they are endangered by over-population of wild pigs and monitor lizards.

The villagers are fishermen and boat builders who have used the sea for their livelihood for many generations. Some local traditions are now challenges to sea turtle protection and Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation works tirelessly to include and support the community as they adjust to the role of marine conservation in everyday life and their children’s futures. The fisherman are now selling their fish daily to our organisation, bringing injured sea turtles to the clinic and alerting us of nestings on remote beaches.