Dedicated to the protection of sea turtles, the education of the community and the advancement of healthy oceans

Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation

Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation has grown from a grassroots independent spirit to improve the ocean where we live and protect the sea turtles from extinction.

We are all volunteers including local fishermen and small–business people who have grown up in Sungai Pinang and we are ardent protectors of the endangered sea turtles in the oceans of Western Sumatra.

Our Projects

Sea Turtle Conservation

Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation rescues vulnerable sea turtle nests and sick and injured mature sea turtles. We conduct ocean, island and beach patrols for research and monitoring of sea turtle numbers, disease and injuries, nest sightings and hatchings. Our Turtle Clinic is on the beach equipped with a nesting bed and large recovery pools to monitor and research the sea turtle progress from eggs to hatchlings and, ultimately, to returned numbers of laying sea turtles.

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Without government funded waste disposal in Sungai Pinang most rubbish is burned, drifts out to sea or washes in with the tide. The increase of plastics is an everyday challenge that Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation’s clean up, recycling, and coral and mangrove rehabilitation programmes are helping to overcome.

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Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation teaches English classes after school every day.  We often focus on the natural beauty of our environment and how the village can play a positive role in conservation. We see that the ability to speak English can offer the children of our village greater opportunity but we also hope that they will be inspired by conservationism and, whatever their unique journey is, they will grow up always having respect for the earth and the ocean.

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If you have a passion for marine conservation the eco-volunteer programme offers the chance to be part of all aspects of Sumatran Sea Turtle Conservation. You will work in the Turtle Clinic and the education programme and be invited on coral and mangrove replanting and sea turtle nesting patrols.

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 Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth, "You owe me" 

 Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky